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8 Ways to Get Yourself to Work Out When You Don’t Want To: It is rarely easy to get in a day’s workout, especially if a rough day has absolutely wrecked your will to do anything but curl up on the sofa with your favorite TV show. For some this happens more often than others, but everyone has been in a situation where a workout is the last thing on their mind. Lazy Sundays and Netflix marathons, anyone? Here are some tips on how you can avoid this, and how to motivate yourself to workout even if you don’t want to.
1. Hire a Trainer Who Will Charge You Even if You Don’t Show Up: There are two reasons why this is one of the best ways of motivating yourself to work out on  those tough days. First of all, you are already paying the trainer and if you do not show up it is money wasted. Secondly, no one wants their trainer to think that they are a quitter that gives up easily. We all want to be the best we can for our trainers, and not showing up for a scheduled appointment gives a poor impression.
2. Create a Playlist: While a new high-intensity playlist alone won’t exactly force you off the couch by itself  (although there is a slight possibility), it will turn an unenthusiastic and low-energy workout into one that will get the job done. Only you can choose the songs that will get you pumped and turn your workout (especially cardio) into something truly effective. Here’s a list of some energizing and inspiring workout songs all ready to go!
3. Bribe Yourself: They teach us as kids that bribes are bad and get you nowhere. However there are huge advantages of  bribing yourself, so do it! Simply tell yourself that if you go through the entire week flawlessly (workouts, diet, etc.) you will treat yourself to a fancy meal/new piece of clothing/gadget/whatever your heart desires. It may seem counter-intuitive to bribe yourself with food as a reward for working out, but small treats are okay as long as you stick with your nutrition plan 90% of the time.
4. Work Out First Thing in the Morning: The reasons for working out first thing in the morning are two-fold. First of all, it is far more likely that you will have the energy and the will in the morning, before the day pummels you with chores, tasks, and draining interactions with other people. Also, several studies suggest that working out on an empty stomach burns 20% more calories than other times of the day. If getting up early to exercise sounds like double torture (we feel your pain), refer to tip #3 and make the bribe extra exciting…
5. Prepare the Day Before: Especially for those early birds working out in the mornings.It is all about preparation and getting all your equipment ready the day before. Put your workout stuff (all packed and ready to go) by your bed, sleep in your (clean!) workout clothes, and leave keys and tennis shoes by the front door. This will let your mind get used to the fact that you are going to work out as soon as you open your eyes. It may seem silly, but it works.
6. Fuel First Thing: Once again, this is for the people who work out in the morning. Whatever you have to do to fuel your body for a killer workout, be it coffee, water, green juice, fruit, or full on breakfast, do it right after rising. If you’re one of those people who can’t stomach eating in the morning, bring a light snack with you so you can easily refuel.
7. Work Out With a Partner: Working out with a partner is one of the best things you can do for your workouts! Working out with a buddy is 10 times more fun and can stoke a competitive fire. Your partner can help you with more difficult exercises, introduce you to new workouts (underwater spinning, we’re coming for you), and distract you when it gets tough. You can even make a pact where you have to put money into a community jar when you stand your partner up.
8. Post Results on Social Networks: There are now countless apps that track every component of your work out from the miles that you run to the calories you burn (I personally use RunKeeper). Many of these apps allow you to post your results on various social networks. While some may see this as simply bragging, it is much more than that. Not only can it help you show your friends how well you are doing, their positive feedback will inspire you to work out more, as well as help you keep track of your progress. You can also schedule workouts, giving you extra reminders not to skip them!

Things you do not have to feel guilty about

  • Saying no sometimes
  • Wanting to be alone sometimes
  • Saying no to sex
  • Saying yes to sex
  • Not being sure about your life career
  • Deciding to study instead of going out
  • Getting rid of the toxic people in your life
  • Ending a relationship that is hurting you
  • Not liking the things everyone else likes

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Italian special force soldier after 72 hour battle in Afghanistan

School for black civil rights activists. Young girl being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face, 1960

Disability activists abandon their wheelchairs and mobility devices and crawl up the 83 stone steps of the U.S. Capitol Building demanding the passage of the American with Disability Act, March 12, 1990.

A south Korean man cries as his brother is on a train back to North Korea. Separated by the war, they have not seen the other since 1950. They were allowed to see each other for three days, but one will go back spending life in luxury, and the other in hard labour

 The Mocambo night club in East Hollywood, a white’s only club, was the most popular dance spot around but would not book Ella because she was black. Marilyn, who adored Ella Fitzgerald and her music, called the manager and demanded that they book Ella immediately

Portrait of Istvan Reiner, taken shortly before he was killed in Auschwitz

Werfel, a 6 year old orphan from Austria has just been given his first pair of new shoes by the American Red Cross,1946.

The last Jew of Vinnitsa

Susan B. Anthony in 1872 getting beaten and arrested for trying to vote when it was illegal for women to do so.

Until the mid-60s, the Aborigines came under the Flora And Fauna Act, which classified them as animals, not human beings. This also meant that killing an Aborigine meant you weren’t killing a human being, but an animal.

Here’s a link to 75 iconic pictures of the 21st century
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my anaconda don’t…


my anaconda don’t…


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